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Mental Health Awareness Week: Coping With Anxiety

I came across an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on May 27, 2020 about the actress Maxene Magalona, daughter of the late Filipino king of rap, Francis Magalona, disclosing that she was diagnosed with complex post traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD). Last May 18-24, 2020, the world celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week which is a very timely advocacy during this pandemic period. I have great admiration for this woman for her big heart to help those who too might benefit from taking a sound perspective with regard to mental health issues.

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I’ve always wondered why it’s socially acceptable for people with physical illnesses to go to the hospital for treatment while those with mental health conditions have to hide and pretend like they don’t have it? A couple of years ago, I found myself under a lot of stress, dealing with bouts of anxiety and having episodes of rage. I was an adult having embarrassing tantrums but I couldn’t really understand where all …

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